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                              Medical ultrasound (also known as diagnostic sonography or ultrasonography) is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound. It is used to see internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels, and internal organs. Its aim is often to find a source of a disease or to exclude any pathology. The practice of examining pregnant women using ultrasound is called obstetric ultrasound, and is widely used.

                              • Advanced Double Screens Ultrasound

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                                3D/4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine We supply Image Equipment(Human ultrasound, Veterinary ultrasound, X Ray,CT and MRI...),we devoted ourselves to send you clients high quality Clinical Equipment with long terms services. We are expecting to cooperate with you now....Read More

                              • Full Digital UItrasound Diagnostic System

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                                YJ-X300 is one of the Black And White Ultrasound Scanners.Read More

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                              • 4D Trolley Color Ultrasound for Women

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                                4D Trolley Color Ultrasound System Scanner We supply B ultrasound scanners, 2D/3D/4D Color Doppler Ultrasound. It is a hospital pregnancy trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Echo cardiography. System overview Device function configuration Standard configuration Main unit 19” LED...Read More

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                                    2. Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

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                                      Laptop thin and light design; 12.1” LCD Displayer; Windows 7 operating system; Standard keyboard and backlight key; 3200mAh rechargeable lithium battery.Read More

                                    3. 4D Color Doppler System

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                                      YJ-X3800 Full Digital Color Doppler SystemRead More

                                        1. Full Digital Color Doppler System

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                                          Full Digital Color Doppler SystemRead More

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                                        2. Phased Array USB&wireless Probe Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

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                                          Phased array USB&wireless probe type color doppler ultrasound scanner Specifications -Scanning mode: Electronic phased array -Channel of RT: 64 -Display mode: B, B/M, and Color, PW, PDI -Frequency: central 2.8MHz, cardiac reverse harmonic 3.6mhz, and the transcranial...Read More

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                                          • Transvaginal Probe Type Wireless Mini Ultrasound Scanner

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                                            Transvaginal Probe Type Wireless Mini Ultrasound Scanner Features - Small and light, wireless, easy to carry and operate - Workable with Tablet or Smart Phone - Advanced technology, clear image - Convenient for remote consultation Specifications - Scanning mode: Electronic...Read More

                                          • Wireless Transrectal Probe Ultrasound Scanner

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                                            VProbe Transrectal Series wireless Probe Type Ultrasound Scanner Feature : ·High cost-effective ·Wireless connectivity, easy to operate ·Small and light, easy to carry Specifications : - Scanning mode: Electronic array - Image mode: B, B/M - Frequency: Convex 3.5MHz/5MHz,...Read More

                                          • 3d 4d Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

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                                            We are professional supplier of Ultrasound including B/W Ultrasound,Color Doppler,Trolley and Laptop type,Palm Ultrasound,4D Ultrasound for different usage...
                                            We are expecting to cooperate with you now.
                                            Read More

                                          • Ophthalmic Scanner

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                                            Ophthalmic Scanner - 15 inch LED touch screen, all-in-one, pretty, portable - Integrated Image Capture - Integrated Patient Database - Integrated Report Editor - Can work with battery Applications: Hospital, Clinic, Veterinary The Scan with normal, vitreous body enhancement,...Read More

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                                            • Child Health Centers Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

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                                              Trolley Ultrasound Bone Densitometer Technical Specifications Large Scale Integrated circuit Multi - layer circuit board design High shielding multipoint signal contact mode Precise brushed metal mould manufactured Special analysis system based on different countries people...Read More
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                                                    As one of the most professional ultrasound diagnosis system manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're featured by quality products and good service. Please rest assured to buy or wholesale bulk ultrasound diagnosis system at low price from our factory.

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                                                                2. ABOUT US

                                                                3. Company Honor


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                                                                  3. Get In Touch
                                                                  4. TEL : +86-371-61315851

                                                                  5. Phone : +86-18236758227

                                                                    E-mail: forermed@yjcompany.com

                                                                      Address : Room 806, Wanda Center, Jinshui District ,Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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